The process of accessing the Akashic Records begins with you. I tell all of my students who want to learn how to read the Records to set their intention before they begin. But let’s back up a moment before you dive into the Records. What is your intention for being here, on the planet? What is your Soul Purpose?

The misconception of a Soul Purpose in the spiritual community is that the Soul has come here to do something important. Many assume that Soul Purpose and life purpose are similar. The idea of life purpose is that, as humans, we came here with a specific mission to do something. When we don’t do our mission then that will mean we will always be unhappy, our life will suck, and our soul will keep begging us to do what we came here to do. That way of thinking about things is so detrimental to spiritual seekers. The truth is that your life purpose is about how you live your life and how you express your Soul Purpose. Soul Purpose isn’t about the doing; it’s about being. Your Soul Purpose is to Be more in alignment with who you truly are. Be connected. Be compassion. What and how you express this beingness is the key to ‘living your life purpose.’ You can be a cashier at a small town grocery store and be living your life purpose. Your Soul Purpose is in direct alignment with your life purpose. You can’t have one without the other; they have the same vibration, so they are a vibrational match. The spiritual community emphasizes that everyone’s Soul Purpose is different, i.e., this guy’s purpose is to be a writer, and the other a teacher. What about the idea that we have many purposes, and that narrowing it down to one will disconnect the soul from his or her purpose? Since your Soul Purpose and life purpose are aligned, your ultimate purpose on Earth is to be, not do! The doing aspect is one part of how we express and experience our soul self. The reason so many people are unhappy in their jobs, or in their lives, is that they aren’t listening to their soul’s voice. Your soul is conveying how to be more in alignment with your Soul Purpose, and how you express this is through beingness, not what you are doing. You express your beingness by being what you want to see in the world. Oprah is a good example of someone who expresses her soul’s beingness. Her Soul Purpose wasn’t to be a talk show host; her purpose was in alignment with being a vessel of sharing her wisdom. How she chose to do that did not matter as much. Your soul wants you to express who you are being, which is more important than what you are doing! Oprah is being the change and expressing that in so many ways. She is living her purpose through being a public figure for the spiritual evolution. Oprah has the innate ability to be a teacher and a leader; she could have done that in many ways. We have innate abilities, but that isn’t about our Soul Purpose.

The next statement will rock your boat… everyone’s, and yes, I mean everyone’s, Soul Purpose is the same. Holy Sh*t. How does this work? What do I mean? Did I boggle your mind? Did that psychic tell you that your purpose was to be a healer, to save the Earth, to work with dolphins or children? Ok, I know the suspense is too much. Do you want to know what your true Soul Purpose is? Everyone’s Soul Purpose is to transcend the illusion and the ego’s delusion, to express Love, and to become the energy of equanimity. I’m sure that sounds easy, right? You are here to recognize the illusion which, in turn, teaches you how to take responsibility for your creations and to learn to create what you desire, instead of creating all the crap in your life. Why would your soul come all the way here from its nice resting place to learn something so simple yet so complex? You are here to master the lower planes of existence, and once you recognize that this plane is an illusion, and master the planes, you have completed what you came here to do.

Once you recognize the illusion, you become happier, and you experience more inner joy, inner peace, the feelings of Oneness and Expansion, to name a few. These are the higher states of consciousness which is your soul essence. When you wrap yourself in the blanket of shame, guilt, sadness, or anger, and see the world as a dark place and see the people of the Earth as bad, then you are buying into the illusion. Buying into the illusion keeps you stuck in the fear, anger, and guilt. When you start to recognize that you are living in an illusion and that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, you will learn to forgive, and let go of the anger and sadness. Most of the people who’ve had near-death experiences will tell you that this world is not real and that you are not a victim of the Earth. After their death, they come back with a feeling of peace, love, and connection. They experienced the truth, wouldn’t you like to experience that now? If this is pushing an emotional button for you, or you’re having an internal argument about the time when someone hurt you, and how real it is, or how it was real when a bad situation happened to you, please take a breath. Yes, that was a terrible thing, but it does not need to be a story that you hold onto for lifetimes. You’ll learn more about the illusion throughout the later chapters, especially Chapter Seven. Please know that letting go of pain is not about believing or telling others that this world is an illusion. The true transformation happens when you no longer see the world in an angry, sad or bitter way. You start to perceive what happens to yourself and others with compassion and love. You see the bigger picture, and you are less likely to want to fight, argue, or withdraw. You know that you’re transforming when you see through the illusion, and you feel equanimity when you encounter something that used to upset you. Equanimity is a term Buddhists use when they are connecting compassion and feeling neutral about a situation or event. Equanimity is when you feel love and compassion while in the middle of a chaotic situation. You’ll be using the Records to do all these things for yourself and others. When you go into the Akashic Records to do a reading for your clients or yourself, you want to be able to see the patterns that are holding back their highest potential.